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I have to hand it to the spammers, they're getting more creative. In this one, Miss Belinda Graham, a farmer's daughter appeals to suckers' charitable yet greedy nature.

Hello Dear,
My name is miss Belinda Graham, the only daughter of late Mr.Zac Graham of Zimbabwe. In view of the war and barbaric act against white farmers in my country Zimbabwe by PRESIDENT ROBERT MUGABE to claim all their farm land, he ordered all the White farmers to surrender their farm land and also their entire properties to his party members/followers.
My father was a victim of this oppression and in human treatment as he was one of the richest Farmers in our country. Due to the fact that my father was not in support of the white farmers victimization, the president's supporters invaded my father's farm, burnt everything in the farm, arrested him and confiscated all his investment. Early 2003 when this victimization of white farmers by PRESIDENT ROBERT MUGABE started, my late father envisaged a worse situation, he concealed all his money and smuggled it out of Zimbabwe to a security firm in Ghana west Africa, This money apparently was meant for the purchase of new machines and chemical for the farms and establishment of new farms in Swaziland .
While my father was still in detention that led to his untimely death due to torture in  he called me and handed over all the documents with which the money was deposited in a security firm as family treasure and valuables. My name Belinda Graham was used as the next of Kin in case of death. I am seeking for your permission to have this money $4 Million USD (Four Million USD) entrusted into your hands for investment in your country.

i will also be willing to forward all the necessary documents to you that is DEPOSIT CERTIFICATE,THE NAME AND ADDRESS OF THE SECURITY COMPANY WHERE THE MONEY WAS DEPOSITED INCLUDING THE WILL my late father left before his death showing that i am the rightful owners of this money for your confirmation.
I have been in hiding since all these while so that this terrorist/tyrant called PRESIDENT ROBERT MUGABE will not kill me just the way he killed my parents.i am now in Ghana Western Africa under Asylum permit and will be very happy to receive your Immediate assistance as my life is in great danger for your assistance i will give you %30 percent of the total fund.
I wait for your soonest reply.


Miss Belinda Graham.

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