From the Spam Folder: Business Acumen

Acumen Investment Consultant
Southlands Buxton Road,
Bosley Macclesfield SK11 0PS England
       Re: Request For Partnership     
Attn: Sir/Madam,  
As a professional Investment Consultant,who provides personal investment planning service to clients throughout Cheshire and North Staffordshire . I am seeking to align my client with a progressive company or individual that is poised for strong investment partnership growth and success. Hopefully that with your experience in management and supervising bussiness,i am confident that you can help my client meet his most ambitious investment objectives to invest money correctly and with your assurance that in your investing program there is absolutely NO RISK.  
My client has investment interest in ,Real Estate, Forex Market , Export Import Trade, Education and Stock Market; following recommendation from financial adviser,and it is on this note that i find it worthy to contact you so that you can help my client invest money correctly in any of the above mentioned areas in your country under your supervision and management. 
Please provide answers to the key strength questions below:  
(1) Are you interested in partnering with my clients on this project?
(2) Are you ready to receive and invest money correctly on behalf of my client? (3) Can you supervise the investment on behalf of my client?
(4) We require your full contact information including your home/office address, phone number and a copy of an International passport or drivers license.
On the receipt of the above answers and information,a copy of investment agreement which will be signed by both parties involved to guide in the implementation of this projects will be provided by a Solicitor.
I would appreciate your willingness in which you could assist my client in accomplishing his investment goal,please feel free to contact me directly at any time.In the meantime,thank you for your consideration.  
Sincerely ,
Nick J. Cosby.

*Sure pal, have him send $2 million in small bills; I'll invest it in lottery tickets!

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