Dear Sirs,
Our company JSC VIBROSEPARATOR is one of the leading Ukrainian producers of agricultural machinery for cleaning, grading and transporting of grains, providing complex solutions for seeds production, harvest stocking and processing.
Few years ago we began production of mounted concrete mixers and some other equipment for our European partners as a private labeled spot business.
Now we are trying to enlarge our markets with expanding new territories and searching for new partners. Being well equipped and experienced, we have surplus of capacities and we are open for other production orders and “private label” requests of different machinery and equipment.
To have better overview about our company and products, we kindly invite you to visit our web-site
Please, evaluate your possible interest in our collaboration and don’t hesitate to contact us for any query.

Best Regards,
JSC Vibroseparator
10001, 93 Baranova Str., Zhytomyr,Ukraine
tel./fax: + 38 0412 42 70 26
 + 38 0412 42 80 88

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