Give This Guy a Call-He has your money and Mine too!

Dear Friend.
I am Mr Joseph Duncan,the former Deputy Managing Director of BOA,Finance and Banking  Services International Bank Of Africa. I am retired now and willing to relocate abroad to establish my own business with a competent and reliable person.
However,I wish to inform you that I have a very big financial project I would like us to work towards, which I will procure all the necessary documents via the Law court that will guarantee the free transfer of the funds into any nominated bank from your side once you agree. I wish to inform you that I have the sum of ($14.5 MILLION US DOLLARS) deposited in a dormicilary dormant bank account awaiting to assign a beneficiary name before it would be transferred.
I have been depositing funds into this account for the past 10 (Ten years) little by little up to this time from joint gold transfer deals with a part British owned company called Ashanti Goldfields Company AGC located in Sanso in Obuasi.
Please contact me back with your full details below so that we move this fund into a safe account.I hope to hear from you soonest so that i will forward you the form without much delay.Please feel much free to ask me any question you don't understand before we start.
Full Name
Telephone Number
Sex and Marital Status
Waiting for your mail.
Yours Truly,
Mr Chalu Danko.

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